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MakeWater Intro Kit

The MakeWater Intro Kit is an introductory water purification system that empowers students to become citizen scientists through the hands-on exploration of electrocoagulation.

Through our partnership with Blooming with Birdie, the experience is brought to life with engaging and informative videos; one series for Elementary students and another for middle and high school.

The Intro Kit fits and ships in a #10 envelope, making it ideal for individual students and educators who wish to participate in MakeWater remotely.

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education through water innovation

what's included:


become a water hero

Our mission is to empower & educate students who want to make a difference in this world by giving them the hardware to tackle real-world water issues collaboratively.

Share your data & media

Welcome Citizen Scientists! Once you’ve completed the MakeWater intro kit and video series please share your data and media with the forms below.

You can also photograph your record sheet and email it to

Only submit media that you don’t mind being posted to social media!