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MakeWater Classroom Bundle

Make a real difference in the classroom by learning about water and how to purify it. The MakeWater Classroom Eco Kit will show your students how precious water really is and how to use physics, chemistry and engineering to help make it even better. Build your own electrocoagulation kit and understand how simple technology can make a world of difference in communities around the world. Think outside the box and make your own variations to the basic kit.

The MakeWater Classroom Kit uses simple household items to build a D.I.Y. water purification kit. The Classroom comes with 25 of the Makewater Intro kits.

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education through water innovation

The MakeWater Intro Kit for the Classroom gives educators everything they need to bring a hands-on, engaging experience into the classroom with little to no prep. This kit was designed through the power of collaboration, so there is no better way to work with it than in a group setting. We hope you enjoy the tinkering as much as we do!

what's included:


become a water hero

Our mission is to empower & educate students who want to make a difference in this world by giving them the hardware to tackle real-world water issues collaboratively.

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