World Water Day #MakeWaterStory Contest

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In 1993, the United Nations recognized March 22nd as World Water Day; a day to raise awareness about the importance of water and the challenges we face in managing this precious resource. This year, in honor of World Water Day, we invite students to participate in a unique challenge – telling their #makewaterstory. By telling water stories, participants will have the opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of water and inspire others to take action in their communities. As a nonprofit organization dedicated to education through water innovation, we hope to create a network of water-literate citizens that want to make a difference in the world.

The challenge is open to students of all ages–including parents and educators. Submissions can be about anything related to water, from personal experiences to local water issues and water crisis solutions. Students can submit their stories in any format, such as essays, photos, songs, videos, etc. The goal is to encourage participants to think about their relationship with water and the role it plays in their lives.

Here are some ideas for water stories:

  1. Personal experiences: Students can write about their personal experiences with water. For example, they can share stories about swimming in a lake, fishing with their grandparents, or going on a beach vacation. These stories can help illustrate the importance of water in their lives.
  2. Local water issues: Students can research and write about local water issues in their communities. For example, they can investigate water pollution in their local streams, droughts, or access to clean water. These stories can help raise awareness and inspire action in their communities.
  3. Solutions: Students can research and propose solutions to water-related issues. For example, they can write about rainwater harvesting, installing water-efficient appliances, or promoting water conservation in their communities. These stories can inspire others to take action and conserve water in their daily lives.

How to submit:

  • Share on social media using the hashtag #makewaterstory and tag someone– a friend, educator, local water utility, or anyone who’d want to join the challenge


Submission deadline: April 22nd

Any student who submits a water story will be eligible to receive a MakeWater Intro Kit (while supplies last).

  • The MakeWater Intro Kit is an accessible, easy-to-use water purification kit perfect for STEM exploration both in and out of the classroom. Designed as an independent learning experience, students build confidence by becoming citizen scientists and contributing to collaborative innovation.

Standout submissions will be featured on our social media and winners will receive recognition for their work.

Challenge Prizes:

  • Grand Prize – A Short Film made based on your story submission.
  • Runner up- 3D printer
  • A virtual classroom visit from MakeWater founder and executive director, Ryan Beltrán
  • A classroom bundle (25 MakeWater Intro Kits)

The 2023 #makewaterstory Challenge is a great opportunity for students to learn more about water and share their ideas and experiences with others. By participating in this challenge, students can make a difference in their communities and inspire others to be water-literate citizens. So, let’s celebrate World Water Day by telling our water stories!

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World Water Day #MakeWaterStory Contest

In 1993, the United Nations recognized March 22nd as World Water Day; a day to raise awareness about the importance of water and the challenges