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Any Student
Can Be
A Hero

MakeWater’s program offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for students of all backgrounds to take the leap into becoming a citizen scientist. Powered by hands on learning and aided with video storytelling resources students’ enquiring minds will come together and create an aweinsipring solution.

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Meet The Eco Kits

We offer two water purification kits that can be used in numerous settings in and outside the standard classroom. Makewater built these kits and it’s partnered program to be accessible to any STEM curious student.

MakeWater intro Kit

For those inquiring minds that are working alone or remote this kit is perfect for the solo scientist! Using household items this kit lets students and educators be a part of the Makewater program. Take the first step and grab your kit!

MakeWater classroom Kit

This kit is perfect for a full collaborative classroom or group experience. Students will work together to solve a real world problem using a magnitude of STEM skills. We’ve seen many great things come from this kit.  Are your students up for the challenge?

The Story of Makewater

Since 2016, Elequa’s innovative STEM-based, environmentally-focused curricula and water purification hardware kits have inspired, challenged, and empowered students. We give students who want to make a difference in the world the tools and education to tackle real-world water issues collaboratively or alone. Learn more about our story and our program!

student resources

A blend of video and written guides to help students through the program and find unique solutions while gaining problem solving skills, increasing knowledge of STEM related fields, and much more.

teacher resources

Help guide students to success with our companion resources just for educators like you! Our resources are easy to incorporate into your lesson plans and build long term units around for your students to enjoy.

our collaborators

Help us expand and grow our program!