Easy To Use Science Experiments With Water

Our kits are built to encourage self-driven, independent learning – making them perfect for the solo scientist and the classroom. Our intent is to provide hands-on learning that promotes confidence!

What To Expect When You Purchase A MakeWater Kit

Research a Water Challenge

Use Our Kit and Develop a Solution

Share Your Results and Repeat

Anyone Can Be A Water Hero

Being a “Water Hero” means actively protecting and conserving water, our vital resource. It’s not just about using a kit; it’s about making daily choices that contribute to a sustainable future. You become an agent for positive change, tackling urgent issues like water scarcity and pollution.

You can extend your impact beyond our MakeWater Kit by adopting water-saving habits at home and advocating for water-friendly policies. Simple actions like fixing leaks promptly or educating others about conservation can make you a Water Hero in your community.

Join a network of citizen scientists tackling water issues collaboratively.

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Get Our Water Kit!

The MakeWater Intro Kit is a water purification system that empowers students to become citizen scientists through a hands-on, STEAM experiment. The accessible design of the kit allows students of all backgrounds to participate and build confidence as innovators and collaborators in the MakeWater program.

Through our collaboration with Blooming with Birdie, the experience is brought to life with engaging, Montessori inspired and TEKS aligned videos; one series for Elementary students and another for Middle and High school.

  • Great for a 15 min or multi-day experience
  • Works for groups or the solo scientist
  • Fosters independent learning and water literacy
  • Builds confidence in STEM topics
  • Includes access to free monthly teacher trainings

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